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Commercial Cleaning Reviews in Batavia, IL

“One of the major strengths of DuKane Contract Service is their staff.Members of their staff have been working in the City's buildings for a minmum of ten years. I am confident that this is due to Mr. Ream's personal involvement with his employees on a daily basis.
Another area that I consider a major strength of DuKane Contract Services is their immediate reaction to undertake new responsibilities or the correction of a a deficiency.
With the recent economic downturn, DuKane Contract Services has made concessions to assist in reducing costs, but not reducing quality or their level of service.
I would highly recommend DuKane Contract Services to any company that wants to get out of the in-house janitorial business. Allow their professional staff to meet all your needs.”
-Mark K.
“The Delnor Health & Wellness Center is a 67,000 square foot fitness facility, including Delnor Hospital Outpatient Therapy and Community Health & Outreach departments. The facility sees in excess of 35,000 visits a month from patients, members and visitors.
DuKane provides an extremely reliable, efficient and friendly staff to assist in our facility during all hours of the day and evening. The DuKane staff onsite demonstrates an outstanding level of professionalism and welcoming attitude towards the nearly 7,000 members that utilize our fitness area and locker rooms throughout the day.
During the hours we are open for business their team works hard to maintain very high standards of cleanliness in our well-utilized locker rooms, as well as the rest of the center. During the evening hours DuKane provides a team of cleaning professionals who diligently work throughout the evening to clean and prepare the center for opening.
It has been a pleasure working with such a reliable and friendly team of professionals over the years.”
“DuKane's attention to detail, excellent customer service and superior service has made them a leader. We have had prompt service with Rod and his employees.”
-Rick G.
“The Scope of work is floor to ceiling on a 5 day cycle, 52 weeks a year. The results with DuKane have been nothing short of spectacular. All crew, equipment and processes are top notch and done in a timely manner. They follow the pre-determined scope of work for our facility.
They have kept costs in line to what we feel is a win-win situation based on the quality we receive. All office communication, invoicing and “add on” special work is priced fairly and done quickly. Rod senior can handle any request.”
-Bruce T.
“We have engaged DuKane Contract Services for janitorial work for various office buildings that we have owned or leased for a number of years prior to the present. I fins them to be quality conscious, responsive and fair in their pricing. I would not hesitate to recommend this company for any janitorial work you may need.”
-Kirk K.
“As the Property Manager of the building, I rely on DuKane for dependable and high quality cleaning. The building, a 100,000 square foot, Class A medical office building that always must look the best of it's class. Patients and customers must feel the building is clean so that they do not have to worry about contracting germs and viruses from other.
DuKane has a good record of providing cleaning services at our building. They routinely communicate with the tenants and myself and respond quickly to issues and cleaning needs. Their staff understand the importance of maintaining the high standards that our physician tenants expect. They are professional in their delivery, and yet very personable in the way they treat their customers. The day porter at our building is a hard worker and checks in with me regularly to make sure I am pleased with his work.
I recommend DuKane Contract Services, Inc for the cleaning of offices and medical suites.”
-Joseph D.
“Mr. Reams and his staff were very accommodating to our needs. For one of the pojects, there was a minimal notice for service, and Mr. Reams very quickly and efficiently made staff available to provide for what needed to be done.
Mr. Reams and his company have given very good performance work, and all of his staff has been very cooperative and good to work with in every instance.
We would highly recommend Mr. Reams and DuKane Contract Services for any custodial needs anyone would have.”
-Linda W.
“In any relationshop there can be problems and we have had times where something was not done to my satisfaction. How problems are addressed is an important indicator of the organization and its management. Rod Reams has never been defensive about our criticism and he has always addressed the root cause of any issue and none has ever reoccurred. Additionally we have never had a day where we did not get services due to employee or weather issue. Smaller firms are unable to overcome that difficulty.
I recommend DuKane for Custodial services.”
-Thomas R.