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Professional Exterior Office Cleaning in Batavia, IL

Your office is the image of your business. This image extends out the front door and onto the premises of the building as well, so not only do visitors to your office see the upkeep of your building but so does everyone who passes by. Let DuKane Contract Services help maintain the image you want with our Building Appearance Management Program!
Hotel Corridor — Exterior Services in Batavia, IL

For storefronts, shopping malls or office buildings we will power clean aluminum, vinyl, brick, stone, concrete and numerous other surfaces.

  • Our Exterior Services Include:
  • Power Clean Windows and frames
  • Power Clean Sidewalks of Dirt Grime and Gum
  • Power Clean Exterior Walls, Entranceways and Overhangs
  • Clean Awnings and Signs
We will remove accumulated dust and winter buildup to restore your building back to a spring clean condition.